Tesla Effect

‘Project Fedora’ was the code name for the sixth game in the Tex Murphy Adventure Game series. Now entitled “Tesla Effect,” it was crowdfunded through Kickstarter by the amazing Mutant League.

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The Return of Tex Murphy

Welcome! You're probably here because (a) you're a long-suffering Tex Murphy fan, and/or (b) you saw our recent video announcement that we're bringing Tex back...hopefully with some help from you and Kickstarter, or (c) you googled Irish Cowboy names and hit the jackpot with the Feeling Lucky button.

If you're one of our beloved, torch-carrying fans, you know all about the classic adventure games starring Tex Murphy...

Tex Murphy Games

  • Mean Streets  1989
  • Martian Memorandum 1991
  • Under A Killing Moon  1994
  • The Pandora Directive  1996
  • Tex Murphy: Overseer  1998

You can still get these games at gog.com


You likely also know the chilling tale of how Tex was abducted (in every sense of the word) and then seemingly vanished into thin air.

If you haven't played any of the Tex Murphy games – or just showed up here looking for porn but now find your curiosity piqued – you might be asking:


Good question.

First, though, do you love adventure games? Ones with great stories, exciting mysteries to solve, lots of hilarious dialogue? Maybe even a little romance and danger?

If you're still interested (and if you're not, then god help you), what would you say to a true 3D adventure game experience with tons of world exploration, things to discover and use in clever ways, many interactive conversations with lots of interesting characters, and dozens of challenging puzzles (but with an awesome hint system so you never get stuck)?

And what if...brace yourself...on top of all this, the choices you made in the game – both in conversations and actions – could actually change the story, leading to new events and gameplay...even to different resolutions?

Who cares who Tex Murphy is, right? (OK. If you really want to know, he's an old-school P.I. living in a dystopian future who relies on questionable charm, good intentions, old-fashioned detective work and, often, dumb luck to solve thrilling, epic cases).

Now the bigger question:


Adventure games are enjoying a wonderful revival and the Tex Murphy games were (and are) classic adventure games. Recently, Adventure Gamers named The Pandora Directive the "#9 greatest adventure game of all time".

The Pandora Directive and Under a Killing Moon each won "Adventure Game of the Year" when they were released. If you're interested, check out the reviews below (Google to find many more) or watch some of the hundreds of Tex Murphy game clips posted by players on YouTube.

Tex Murphy, P.I.
Archie Ellis
Chelsee Bando and Tex
Louie LaMintz
Margaret Leonard
Tex, Ariel and Taylor share an awkward moment
Tex meets Mantus
Thompson Ault
Ault and Tex
Thugs on a train
Rook Garner
Tex gets Saffyre's bad side
Dr. Donahue examines Tex
Tex enters the Golden Gate Hotel
Holly Graham
St. Germaine and Ariel
St. Germaine
Tex and Taylor chat over a pot of Louie's Armageddon Blend at the Brew & Stew
Tex approaches Zack Williams at the Electronics Shop
New San Francisco
'Tesla Effect' Wallpaper