The Poisoned Pawn is an ongoing, fan-made effort to remake and enhance Tex Murphy:  Overseer.

Old fans will get to relive a spruced up retelling of the retelling of Tex’s first case.  New fans will finally get to see that cliffhanger that kept as all wondering all of these years.

“Tesla Effect” is the sixth installment in the Tex Murphy Adventure Game Series.
A Full Motion Video masterpiece with 2K Video, 3 Narrative Paths, 5 Different Endings,
and  8 3D Levels to explore. 

Months after saving her missing father Dr. James from Thunder Island, Rita is on a whirlwind adventure in search of Shangri La. A stunning turn of events has them both on the run and only by finding the mythical paradise can they hope to clear their name. With help from Sebastian and Marbles the monkey, will they be able to traverse this land where few have ventured?

When her father mysteriously disappears on an uncharted island, it is up to the “more brave than brilliant” aviatrix Rita James and her faithful friends to rescue him!


Jess Silloway's dreams are haunted by a ghostly figure, always gesturing to be followed. Clues lead to Beacon Bay, a bed & breakfast on the coast of Maine. Jess has no connection here, no history. And then...something starts to feel...familiar...

On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, Jess Silloway suddenly finds herself in a room with a man she's never met, with no memory of the past few days or weeks. The man lays out a series of tarot cards and tells Jess he's there to help her remember – and so begins her chilling journey into the past...